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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Biking in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

In total, I stayed in Amsterdam three days. The first day in Amsterdam was definitely exciting. However after awhile, the excitement wears off and you get used to all the red light stuff and pot smell.

The hostel that I stayed at was a christian hostel called Shelter City right in the red light district. Originally, I imagined that the red light district was this isolated part of the town away from the general public but its actually centered right in the middle of it.

The second day I met up with another Couchsurfing member named Alex at nieumarkt and we rented some bikes and biked all over the city. We visited the famous Vondelpark and then finished our ride at the Anne Frank house. It was pretty interesting to see how the family survived for so long as well as how they hid themselves.

After the Anne Frank house, we stopped by the Pancake factory, the oldest pancake establishment (supposidly), and had amazing pancakes.
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