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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Bicycle Tour and Sagrada Família in Barcelona, Spain Day 2

Today I took the bike tour all aroud Barcelona (costing me 20 euros with a student id). It was a nice break from walking and the company that I was with was really great. If anyone who is reading this blog, finds themselves in Barcelona, I highly recommend the tour done by Fat Tire that is located near the Cathedral, near the two government buidings (one for Catalina, one for Spain).

Most of the people on the bike tour were from the U.S. while a few were from Canada. I think the most impressive thing I saw in Barcelona on this bike tour, was the Sagrada Família which is this ridiculously amazing looking cathedral done by the artist Gaudi.

After seeing most of Barcelona however, I still believe that Madrid is the more livelier town of the two. Although Sofia would probably attest that Barcelona is still better. I think, depending on what you´re looking for in a trip, you will prefer one or the other. Madrid simply feels younger.

I also learned today that the Saint buried at the Cathedral in the Gothic region was only 13 when she was put in a barrel with knives, glass, and rocks, rolled down a street, survived, then crucified the next day.

Also, the queen Isabella was crazy nutso.

Oh yeah, last night, me and a girl from my hostel won a trivia contest and got 15 euros to spend on the bar. One of the questions was, who was Goldie Hawn´s daughter. We both forgot but still had enough to win.
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