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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cadiz, Sevilla, Spain

The last day before I left for Barcelona, I went with two friends from my room to a small town south west of Sevilla. The town was called Cadiz. Supposidly, Cadiz is the oldest town in all of Europe. It´s a very small beach town and to be honest, there is not too much to do. We completely covered the city in about 5 hours or less, counting time spent on the beach.

The two guys that I went with were from Austin, Texas; one of them was called Austin and the other one Gabel. Although they looked much older, they were also 24. Austin worked for an oil company, making sure all their projects were legal before going through with it while Gabel did sales (?). That day, I also got to know a little better the Korean girl sleeping above me. She is very quiet and the way she carries herself is very princess-like.

The worst part about traveling; you meet so many great people, but then, just as you meet them, you leave again.

The next day, I arrived at Barcelona, Spain. The high speed train took 5 hours. In the morning, 30 minutes before my departure, I noticed that my ticket was actually for another day so I rushed to get it changed. In the end, they were able to change my ticket for 1 euro.

At this point, to be honest, I am getting a little tired of Spain. But it could just be more sore body talking.

I am staying here for 3 days. Tomorrow I will try to take the bike tour. I had some friends recommend it. The next day, perhaps I will visit the beach. Barcelona is definitely not as exciting as Madrid.
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