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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Ghents, Belgium Part 1

Tonight is my first night in Belgium as well as my first true couchsurfing experience. I will be staying for three days with a guy called Didier who lives in a smaller town called Gents, east of Brussels. The most interesting and obvious about my host is that he is blind. At the age of 1, he developed retenal cancer which normally only affects one eye but in his case, took both his eyes. However; he gets around quite well and is extremely eloquent, a characteristic I often wished I had.

Additionally, I was supposed to move to a hostel after three days, but all the hostels around Gents were booked full. So I posted an emergency note on CS and minutes later found another host, offering me her couch for the weekend. 6 days in Gents, Belgium seems a bit long for such a small town but perhaps with the right people, 6 days might become not enough. If I disappear from the face of the planet, let the world know that I was last seen in Gents, Belgium haha.
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