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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ghents, Belgium part 2

This morning, Didier went out and got us breakfast. Breakfast consisted of sweet croissants with either  frosting and almonds on top or chocolate bits inside. It was quite delicious. After breakfast however, Didier had to work so I took the tram system and headed into the more touristy part of town, Korenmarkt.

The one thing you immediately notice about Belgium is that it is much, much colder than southern Europe.

At Korenmarkt, there are quite a lot of churches and castles. One of the most impressive was Belfort (Belfrey). Inside was incredibly beautiful and just how high the ceiling was was inspiring. I could not take any photos however since they did not allow it.

For lunch, I had tomato soup and a delicious sandwich with some sort of potato salad-like filling, but instead of potatoes, used chicken.

I will update later tonight the rest of our day.
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