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Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Windmills of Koog-Zaandijk, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The last day in Amsterdam, I decided I wanted to go see some windmills. But being in the city, there were absolutely no windmills in sight. So I asked the front desk where I should go and they directed me towards a city outside of Amsterdam called Zaandam.

When I got on the train, I noticed a korean girl named Cho Rong sitting behind me so I started talking to her. After talking awhile, I learned that she was also planning on going to visit some windmills. Except, she was going to Koog-Zaandijk instead of Zaandam. So I decided to go with her. Because not only was Koog-Zaandijk just two stops after Zaandam, but also because she had a guidebook that said Koog-Zaanijk was a beautiful town that was the place to go if you wanted to see windmills. And lucky that I went with her too, because as we passed by Zaandam, you could see that there was no windmills whatsoever. So had I got off at Zaandam, I would have seen no windmills at all and would have probably ended up going home defeated.

The town itself was indeed very nice and it was a nice change of scenery from the cityscape. And the windmills were nice to look at as well. Although they did not blow my socks off, I was definitely glad I got to see another defining element of Holland. In the town, they had a few museums that I skipped because they did not look interesting at all but I did stop by the cheese shop where I bought some delicious smoked cheese and honey dijon mustard.

In all, I actually did not spend too much in Amsterdam. I think I spent the least in Amsterdam when compared to all the other european countries that I visited. In total, I may have spent less than 100 euros including the hostels.

The next morning, I headed to Koln, Germany.
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