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Thursday, October 06, 2011

Madrid, Spain

I really wish I could upload the pictures I have been taking along my trip, it would make my posts a lot more interesting in my opinion.

So yesterday, I took a plane out of Gatwick, London to Madrid, Spain. Upon getting to the airport, I wandered around aimlessly for a bit looking for buses into the city until I found a tourist information kiosk who helped me onto the bus I needed. Once I reached the city, the first sight of madrid I received upon stepping off of the bus was two men kissing. Nothing against them kissing, I just thought it was funny that my first impression of Madrid was two men kissing. I then walked around the city a bit looking for hostels and comparing until in the end settled with this really nice hostel called Equitypoint, located on calle de la cruz.

For those of you traveling to Madrid in the near future, there really is no variation in price (about 30 euroes) for a single so there is no point in shopping for cheap rooms. I think all you do when you shop and compare is annoy the innkeep. The room I ended up getting was another shared room (6 people), so each night, I am paying 17 euros. And even though its a shared room, in total, there is actually only three people in it, so not too crowded.

The rest of the night, I hung out with Sofia, this beautiful girl from Beijing that I met on the internet, and her friends. We ate chinese hot pot and then hit the bars. It was an amazing time and I enjoyed talking about all the places I should go with Fran the business major and Raffy the software engineer. I think so far, most of my dinners have consisted of beer and more beer.

Once I get back to the states, I will definitely upload pictures to each posts!

On the side, some quick notes before my time on the computer is up...

1) this travel backpack has been awesome.
2) hostels are sometimes hard to find rooms because there are also locals trying to get a room.
3) Bar hopping is getting really expesnive.
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