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Saturday, October 08, 2011

Real Palace, Tapas, the Plaza Mayor, Plaza Espana, and more! Madrid, Spain day 2

These past few days have been absolutely amazing and it´s really such a shame I have no way of uploading the places I´ve been and the people I´ve met.

So yesterday, I went to the Real Palace and walked around. The palace was incredibly large and very beautifully made. As impressive, was the garden in front. In the end, I don´t think I can compare it to the architecture that I saw in London because they are just two different, equally impressive, sights.

In the afternoon, I met up with Sofia again and we went to the Plaza Mayor, a huge center surrounded by buildings near the center of Madrid. After, we entered a local marketplace where we had the most delicious snacks ever. I forgot what they were called but they were essentially bread bisquits with your choice of topping which they displayed. For me, I choose salmon with a hint of some cream on top of the bisquet while Sofia got tuna.

After, we then traveled to Plaza Espana, where once you got to the top, you could see the entire west side of the city. From there, we then walked to the west part of the city and visited the Museo de Prado and the Parque de Retiro, which, is the most impressive park I have ever seen. It is so huge, and so beautiful and it has so much. It has rivers, lakes, soccor fields, bike paths, so much. It was, hands down, the greatest park I have ever seen. It was also there where I came to realize that the Spanish are not shy about intimacy at all. Or, perhaps a better way to phrase it would be, they are pretty open about affection.

Okay, I´m running out of time on the computer again so I need to just jot down some points I wanted to mention...

1) Took the train south to Eugenia de Montijo where I spent the night with at Raffa´s house. Raffa made us an amazing pallela and then stayed up til 2-3am chatting with them.
2) In spain, it is common to greet each other with the cheek kissing. When the girls tried to do it with me, it was really awkward for both parties once they realized I was no spanish.
3) Tonight, I am going out again with Sofia and Raffa and others to go bar hopping.
4) Spain clubbing lasts til 6am in the morning.
5) I am going to Sevilla, a supposidly beautiful town south of madrid that is a must see. By chance, I ran into a really cute korean girl from Seol, 26 years old, who is also going. We are now going together.
6) In my opinion, hostels are the best if you are the kind of person  who can make friends easily. If you travel by yourself around the towns, i think you will be very bored.
7) having locals show you around the town, is the best, and only way to do it.
8) i need to watch my spending
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