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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Munich, Germany

My stay in Munich was definitely better than my night in Cologne. I think largely due to the fact that Munich had more things to see near the train station and my roommates were very friendly. In the beginning however, it was a bit tiring because the trip from Cologne to Munich took so long and I wasn't entirely sure where my hostel was located. But after a bit of walking and direction asking, I finally reached my hostel. That day, my backpack seemed suspiciously heavier than I remembered. But I reasoned that it was because I was really tired and hungry.

During the day, I visited the city center next to the train station as well as explored a beer garden. Since it was a weekend, the city center was actually quite lively. I sampled some few sweet baked breads, ate some pretzels, tried some sandwiches, and had some beer and sausages.

Later that night, my roommates, two guys, invited me out to go drinking with them. Of the two, one was from Mexico while the other was from Taiwan. In total, our group ended up being composed of about 12 people, all from different countries with some of them even in costume in light of Halloween being around the corner. One of them, an engineer, 30 years old, was also from the bay area. We ended up going to a karaoke bar where I sang two songs, one by Eminem and the other by The Killers.

The next day, I decided to go to Fussen, home of the super castles.
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