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Sunday, October 02, 2011

Queen Mary, University of London, London, Britain, United Kingdom,

It's about 6:21am in the United Kingdom (England? London?) and my sleep schedule is still a bit off. It helped though that I did not get a lot of sleep on the airplane because at least I was tired when it was night.

The day that I got into London, the first thing me and Abdullah did was take the tube to his university so I can drop my backpack off. The trip was about an hour or so and the trip on the rail system itself was quite enjoyable. It wasn't Disneyland, but it was a nice new experience. Very reminiscent of the BART or Caltrain systems back in the bay area. The first thing we did once we got back to the area was look for a store to buy me a prepaid phone as well as lunch. The prepaid phone cost be about 20 pounds (roughly 32 dollars) and then I put another 20 pounds of credit on it. I didn't quite get what the sales lady was telling me so I don't actually know how much time I have on it.

For lunch, we went to this amazing pub down the street called Half Moon where I had fish and chips and very tasty beer. I wish I could upload the pictures I took but I just discovered that I did not bring the transfer chord and Abdullah's laptop is a Mac so its useless (just kidding Adbullah, Macs are good for work!).

After lunch, we then spent the rest of the day sightseeing and exploring central London by tube and bus. When traveling, I've been using an Oyster Card. It cost me 5 pounds and then however much you want to put on it. An Oyster Card is probably the best means of traveling if you plan on using the public transport more than a few times. The Oyster card is this card you can put credits on at a discounted price so you can get onto transit systems. Almost every bus and rail system has a scanner for you to swipe your Oyster Card making getting on and off very convenient and fast.

Some of the monuments we checked out was; Tower bridge and it's way uglier brother London bridge, the Thames River, a local hostel in which I will probably stay at later on, and the Gherkin. Although the list of monuments is not very long, it still felt like a very event-packed day when you add in all the traveling to and from.

Fun Fact: Abdullah told me that in the middle of the night, I got up from the floor and rubbed his leg and then went to sleep despite how many times he tried to wake me up. I guess I almost night raped him.
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