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Sunday, October 09, 2011

Sevilla, Madrid, Spain

Yesterday morning I hopped onto the train at 9am to Sevilla, Madrid, a smaller town south of Madrid. I almost missed the train because I spent the night beforehand out til 5am with Spanish friends at clubs and bars and slept a bit later than I was supposed to.

Sevilla is a very beautiful town. Their main points of interests are just a little south west of the town´s center and they consist of tons and tons of cathedrals, plazas, and palaces. When I was walking around, I simply got the impression that there was a lot of history in not only the streets themselves but the buildings as well. If you are in Spain, Sevilla is definitely a town you want to invest 2-3 days in for a better grasp of Spanish culture.

Something I learned the other day while withdrawing money; at some ATMs when you withdraw money, they will offer an option of withdrawing with or without conversion. If you choose ¨with conversion,¨ then they will charge you a small conversion fee. What this fee is paying for is for the bank to print on your receipt at the end of your transaction how much money you took out in USD. So, you´re paying a small fee for the bank to do some math and show you on a piece of paper. So when withdrawing money, never ask for the conversion option, it´s just a tourist trap.

Tomorrow, I travel to Barcelona where I hear there is an issue with theft. I hope I don´t get jacked.
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