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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Soho and Hyde Park, London, Britain, United Kingdom,

This is a bit of  late post but, the other day, me and Abdullah explored the Soho district of London. Before going to Soho however, I checked in my hostel. Originally, I wanted to stay at the hostel St. Christopher but it was all full so I ended up staying at Dover Hostel Castle on Borough st. After a few hours of walking around Soho and Chinatown, Abdullah had to leave and prepare for class so I continued my day with Lan, this really nice chinese girl that I met online. We explored Soho some more and then we walked around Hyde park. After, we split up and I fell asleep at 8pm for the rest of the day.

The next day, I met two really great guys in the hostel kitchen, Evan and Kurt. Together, we walked along the Thames river to visit the Thames Modern museum as well as the British Museum and then later that night went to Camden for some pub crawling with some other girls. All in all, I had a great night and I am extremely happy to have met these two brothers during my stay in London. It is most unfortunate that we forgot to exchange emails before we split.
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