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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Berlin, Germany part 2

My last days in Berlin were pretty relaxing. I just hung out with Aaron and Mike exploring the city by day and enjoying bars at night.

Some places that we visited that I did not mention in my first post on Berlin were the abandoned art building Tachalles, the Potsdam palace garden, and the Sony center at Potsdam Platz. Of the three, I would have to say the Sony center was the most impressive visually, but it could be because I've been in Europe for so long that castles and palaces no longer surprise me. In total, I stayed in Berlin for 4 days.

I also managed to meet up again with two locals from Berlin through CS. The first one was a china-Chinese, European management major, who treated me to some home cooked pasta at her apartment. She was definitely very opinionated and at times, a lot of her comments seemed aggressive, but I think if you can hold your own against those kind of people, it makes for a more interesting conversation. The second local I met was another European management major, also Chinese. Although we didn't hang out too long, it was still enjoyable, easily more enjoyable than the first meeting I would say.

Somewhere along my stay in Berlin, my toe had swollen up and was giving me a lot of pain whenever I walked. So I did less walking and rested at the hostel.This morning, my toe was completely normal again.

One of the more interesting meals that I had in Berlin was the pork knuckle. That is not the official name for it, but because I do not remember the German name, I am calling it what Aaron called it, which is, pork knuckle. Essentially, its a huge plate with sauerkraut, dumplings (German, not Chinese), and a leg of grilled pork. I did not take a picture so you will never see what it looks like, but perhaps, if you guys ever visit Berlin, keep an eye out for a dish that offers these three on one plate.
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