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Sunday, November 06, 2011

City Tour of Berlin, Germany

Today marks my second day in Berlin, Germany. The train ride there was a little different because instead of the usual two seat per row, the train had instead little rooms with 6 seats, three on each side.

The hostel I am staying at, Meininger, is incredibly nice. The quality is easily comparable to a hotel and the only difference I would say, would be the presence of the bunk beds.

The first night, I went out with my roommate, Mike from LA, to grab dinner, a drink, and then the pub crawl. The pub crawl was pretty fun; for 10 euros (typical price for hostel pub crawls), we were taken to five bars, got free shots with our initial purchases, and then ended the night at a multi-room club that lasted til 5am at night. On the crawl, we began the night by meeting one guy from Canada and two really nice girls from Seattle. One of the girls lived in San Jose for awhile for college while the Canadian, Grant, lived in Ontario. Later on, our group eventually ballooned up at the bars when a bunch of Irish girls joined us. Let me just say, out of all the professions that were shared that night, scientist was the least impressive haha.

That aside, my roommate is a pretty cool guy. He currently works as a graphics designer for a watch company that had promising beginnings but is now, as he puts it, 'a sinking ship.'

The next day (Today), we went on the free walking tour. The tour was really good. The company was called Sandemans New Berlin. It's a tour guide group that was started by an American that offers tourist free tours but asks for tips at the end. They guide took us to many historical spots around eastern Berlin which included the visually impressive Jewish memorial, as well as gave a very thorough recap of Berlin's famous history. I think tomorrow, as well as the other remaining days I have in Berlin, I will try the other tours the company offers.

On the tour, I met another cool guy who we'll be hanging out with later tonight. His name is Aaron and he's just another one of many other Australians that I have met on this trip. He works as a photographer for a small newspaper in his hometown.

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