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Monday, November 14, 2011

Touring the City, Glendilock, and Killkenny, Dublin, Ireland

For three days, me and Abdullah stayed in Dublin, Ireland at the Generator Hostel. Getting there Thursday morning however wasn't entirely painless as we had to get to the airport at 6am, meaning we had to leave London around 4am. All was going well until our train, or the train ahead of our train, hit someone. So we had to take a taxi the rest of the way. Then we missed our gate by a few minutes because nobody had to check in bags so the flight was extremely on time. So then we had to buy a new ticket to Dublin for around 100 euros.

But besides that one mishap, I would have to say Dublin was incredibly fun. During the first day we did another one of Sandeman's free walking tours. They've been so good in the other countries I've been to that it was a no-brainer to do the one in Dublin.

After the tour, we then went to a nearby bar and had ourselves a typical Irish meal, meat simmered in Guinness with various dressings on the side.

That night, we did the pub crawl.

The next day, it rained, adding to the Irish atmosphere. We visited a local museum near the old post office where the Irish had their revolt in 1916 as well as witnessed bits of the commotion surrounded Ireland's new president getting inaugurated.

That night, I tried another typical Irish dish: bacon and cabbage.

Our last day in Ireland, we spent it touring outside the city. We took a bus to Glendilock and then finished in a smaller town, Killkenny. Killkenny wasnt too interesting to be honest, but Glendilock was more than worth it with its beautiful lakes, valleys, churches, and hiking paths. The entire journey really gave you a better sense of Ireland that the city just couldn't with all its modern buildings.

The morning that we had to leave was hard because I had met some interesting people. But that's traveling for ya.
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