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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sewing On Flag Badges

I finally have all the flag badge of all the countries I have travelled to with my backpack. Today, me and nadiah went down to tottenham court and I found the country I needed that I forgot the first time I went shopping for badges: Germany. After, we walked all the way to queensway and had all you can eat pizza and pasta for lunch and then returned home.

But today wasn't entirely stress-free, there was actually a bit of drama between my host and another couchsurfer staying in the room. Long story short, the guest was a bit inconsiderate and had to be kicked out. She was nice I suppose, but at times the way she behaved towards the owners of the house was just a bit too rude considering her role as a guest. To me, it was less of a host/guest relationship and more of a boss/underling relationship. In any case, I just tried to stay out of it to avoid making it seem like we were picking on her and just let my host deal with it.
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