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Monday, November 28, 2011

Return to Dublin and a trip to Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

The outskirts of Dublin is truly a nice place to visit. Some of the things that I have done in my return to Dublin include another bus tour to the Wicklow mountains, a trip to Howth, as well as another trip back to Glendalough. I was planning on visiting all the must-sees in Ireland like the Giant's Causeway, or the Cliffs of Mohr, or even the Blarney Stone but I got turned off with how long I would have had to stay on the train to get to those cities. And although the busses are faster, they are also more expensive with the trips to the west side (Dublin being the east side) costing around 50-100 euro.

So the only train ride that I took since my return to Dublin has been the one to Belfast, which is a city located in Northern Ireland. The city was...alright. Lucky for me, when I went they had set up a little fair in front of city hall. Had it not been for the fair, I think I would have been pretty bored in Belfast.

When I got there, I tried to catch a bus to one of the local tourist sites but the tourist office told me that I had come too late. So I took the bus to see Belfast castle instead. The best part of Belfast castle was probably the hike up if that's any hint to how amazing the castle was.

Something for you guys back in the states; I guess Ireland is actually broken up into two part, the republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland which is part of the United Kingdom. I don't recall the details but essentially, Ireland was under British rule for some while and eventually, they gained their independence with the caveat that the Brits were allowed to keep a part of Ireland.

Tomorrow I return to London and then the day after, I return to the US. 

If I could I sum up my experience back in Ireland so far with only a few words, they would have to be: my poor liver. My poor, poor, unfortunate liver.
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