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Thursday, November 17, 2011

The British Museum and a city tour, London, Britain, United Kingdom, p.2

There really is not much to say about what I have been doing since being back in London. Most of it has been spent in the library reading comic books.

The other day, I met up with Aileen, the Korean girl that I met in Seville, Spain and we went to the British Museum. I went to the museum when I first arrived in London back in October but it was only for 20 minutes.

The British museum is nice and when you enter the main chamber, visually impressive. It can easily take up a day and offers a choice of Egyptian artifacts, Asian, and also some themed rooms like life and death. In my opinion, these museums are a lot more interesting than museums that focus on paintings (see Louvre). Afterwards, we had lunch and said our goodbyes.

The day before that was a chilly, gloomy day, in which I participated in another one of Sandeman's tours. Like the other tours in other countries, the tour was funny and informative and at the end ended in a pub where I had sausage and mash. Later that night (it was either the same day as the tour or another day), I met up with another girl from CS, Kelly Su, where she took me to a private art gallery viewing. Fancy huh?

As a brief aside; it may seem as if most of the people I meet on CS are women but its not my fault. Although the site promotes meeting new people, everyone is only interested in meeting members of the opposite sex. This is a site the does wonders for female travelers and male hosts. And in my defense, I've tried meeting male CS members but 95% of them either never respond or reply back with a generic bullshit response. So more often than not, most of the people I meet on CS are women.

Anyways, back to topic. The focus of the gallery was on a man named Edgar Deva who specialized in art in motion. Particularly, ballerinas. He did a combination of sketches, paintings, and models all on ballerinas. To be frank, his art did not impress me much. For what he was recognized for, a lot of his work seemed amateurish and plain. But art is funny that way, sometimes the ones who become famous are not necessarily the most talented in the technical sense. Then again, I have no art background to back my claims. I was more impressed and interested in the work of his contemporaries which were also on show at the gallery.

But besides these few instances of activity, I really have not been doing much. I've seen most of the touristy stuff there is to see in the great city and traveling outside of Britain is expensive. It would be nice to travel to Scotland, but I'm getting low on money and can't really splurge too much anymore. Especially in a country where the British pound is worth 1.6 the u.s. dollar.

Oh, there is also a girl dressed like a vampire in our hostel (search Gothic). I am not sure if they have nothing to do and are actually residents or if they are just bumming around.
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