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Saturday, November 19, 2011

London, Britain, United Kingdom, p.3

For the remainder of the weekend, I will be staying in Leytonstone, a small town that's still part of London but at the same time not. To get back into the city where everything is: parliament, big ben, the thames, it takes about 30 minutes by tube.

The reason I am staying in Leytonstone is because I managed to find a host on CS. Originally, I only asked to be hosted for Friday and saturday but my host invited me to stay until I had to leave which would be Monday.

The first day we met, my host Nadia took me to go eat some Malaysian food as well as showed me one of london's bigger malls, Westfield. The next day, we went with some other people from CS to the local flea market where one of the girls got this really nice peacoat for only 2£. At the flea market, I spent all my money on food rather than clothes. I bought some tomatoes, a custard filled donut, and a pastrami bagette.

After, we visited the Camden market. At first, I had no idea where or what the camden market was but as soon as i saw it I recognized it as one of the places I visited when I first came to London with kurt and evan. If you ever visit this place, take the time to visit the techno/electro shop, its pretty cool. The description may sound vague, but once you see the store you will know what I'm talking about. Its one of a kind.

Later that night, we watched Moneyball starring Brad Pitt.

By the way, did i mentiom how traveling in london is so expensive? One ride anywhere, whether it be bus or tube, is roughly about 2£, one way. I'm glad I'm getting out of this place in a few days, because my american dollars are getting eaten up by the transportation system.
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