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Monday, November 14, 2011

Return to London, Britain, United Kingdom, p.1

For the remainder of my stay overseas, I will be staying in London. The reason for this is a combination of traveler's fatigue and bad planning. Not only have i become increasingly tired of moving from hostel to hostel and traveling on trains, but because I planned my journeys on the fly, I was never sure when I would return to London. As a result, I now have two weeks to burn in the united kingdom which would not be entirely terrible if it weren't for the costs of everything. London is just too darn expensive. But with an eye on my bank accounts, it is definitely possibly for me to survive til the end of my trip.

For those of you wondering, by the time I head back to California, I will have spent 5000-6000 USD on traveling which does not include the eurorail pass and plane ticket. I will be sure to provide a more accurate number once I get back.
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