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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Vienna, Austria

Today marks my last day in Vienna, Austria. The city is pretty nice, not as expensive as the other countries that I visited and has its fair share of sights to see. Today I visited the Schönbrunn Palace and it was pretty nice. I took the audio tour and learned a bit about the Austrian family that resided in the castle. In Vienna, there are actually two palaces so I chose to only visit one of them. At night, I tried to get tickets to the famous Opera house but they quickly sold out. Luckily, they broadcast the performance on a large screen right outside the house for people to watch. I couldnt really follow the story so I eventually left after an hour.

The day before, I explored the shopping street Mariastrausse and visited St. Stephen's Cathedral as well as explored most of the plaza that the Gothic cathedral was located in.

Sometimes I think it's a good thing that I do not spend a lot of money on the museums or tours because I spend a lot on local food and beer. I would have to say that trying all the different foods is one of the better parts to travelling. Some things to try in Vienna would be their Wiener Schnitzel (breaded veal) sausages and Tafelspitz (another meat dish).

I also ran into a pretty cool street performer whose sole act was simply floating in mid air. It was pretty cool. I took a video as well as some pictures.

Tomorrow I head off to Prague, Czech. Republic. Itś another 5 hour long train ride. Great.
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