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Thursday, December 01, 2011

Rough Expenditures for My Eurotrip

To the best of my estimation abilities, roughly speaking:

The round trip tickets cost me $800 to get to London and fly out.

The Eurail pass cost me $1,000.

And my expenses totaled $5,300 which includes hostels, food, museums, parks, and entertainment.

So in total, I roughly spent $7,100 to go to Europe for 2 months.

LAX airport

After 10 hours in the air from London to los angeles, I am finally back in the states. Now I am just waiting for my connecting flight to start boarding. The delay is about three hours so I have just been wandering the terminal doing essentially nothing.

The flight itself was amazing for many reasons. One, the flight was only about half full so I got to not only sit where I wanted but I also had the entire side aisle (2 seat) to myself. Two, the flight had free in-flight entertainment which included 30 rock, the office, and relatively new movies like stupid, crazy, love, narnia 3, and contagion. Which is funny because at the time, contagion wasn't even out in europe yet.

In an hour, I will fly back to san jose.

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