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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Bangkok, Thailand p.2

Bangkok has been great.

This morning, I asked the guy who runs the hostel where I could get a good thai massage and he suggested a place down the street. For an hour, I only paid 3 dollars. Insane. I felt bad so I tipped the guy an additional 12 dollars. It just did not seem fair to get an hour of amazing massage for only 3 dollars. I can't even imagine how much the guy makes per hour.

For meals,  I am paying about 30 cents to a dollar, depending on how greedy I feel. I am now on a steady diet of meat and fruits.

The day before, I spent half the day walking around the city going from temple to temple. I began my trip by taking the canal boat up to the Golden Mound.

From the Golden Mound, I then walked all the way down to the Royal Palace.

Outside the palace, many taxi drivers try to trick you. They tell you that the temple is closed and that in 2 hours it will reopen. In the meantime, they offer to bring you around to other temples. Fortunately, I read about them before heading out so I just ignored them.

After the Palace, I visited some smaller temples and then finished at the Temple of the Dawn.

To get home, I took a longboat down the river.

As an aside, I found out the other day that I lost weight. I left the US at 160lbs and now I am 150lbs. I guess all the hiking took its toll. I have hiked a mountain in almost every city in every country that I have been to so far.
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