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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Kyoto, Japan p.3

The afternoon after I returned home from Kurama, I planned on visiting the temples on the east side of Kyoto station. But after hiking all day, I was tired and only ended up stopping by the Imperial Palace. When I went, the palace was closed. I don't know if it is always closed or whether it was only closed that day. In any case, it was a bit dissapointing.

On the way back to the hostel, I stopped by Nishiki market once again to get dinner. This time I remembered my camera.

After resting at the hostel for a few hours, I headed back out. I went to look for a bar known for tourists. On the way there, I ran into a young couple I had met in Nagano. Their names were Victoria and Adriano. Victoria and Adriano are both from Spain. Together, we spent the rest of the night jumping from bar to bar.

Drinking in Japan is expensive, I think I spent close to 70 dollars just on beer, Beer in bars are about 6-7 dollars each.
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