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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Hiking Kibune and Kurama, Kyoto, Japan

Today I woke up at 700am and left for Kurama. Kurama is a small town with many shrines north of Kyoto, located in the mountains. To get there, I took the Eizen train. The ride only lasted 30 minutes or so.

The night before, the staff at the front desk suggested I stop at the Kibune stop and then hike to Kurama, so that's what i did.  I got off at the Kibune stop and walked along the road for about half an hour before reaching the west trailhead entrance.

From the entrance, the trail became a nonstop incline to the top.

After finishing the hike, I took a break in the town's outdoor hot spring. To enter, it was only 10 dollars.
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