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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Kyoto, Japan p.1

Got in this afternoon to Kyoto and made it safely to my hostel. I left Nagano at 1000am and got to Nagoya at 100pm. On the way there I ran into Theresa and Ella, two girls I had met earlier at the monkey park.

Ella was a dark haired girl from Australia while Theresa was a dirty blonde haired girl from Italy. I mention this because if I had to guess, I would have guessed the dark haired girl was from Italy and the blonde haired girl from Australia. In any case, the whole situation was funny. Out of all the times for them to travel south, and of all the cars to get into, they got into mine. Twelve departures and eight cars to choose from, the chances that day were (1/8)(1/12)=1/96. 

Because of them, the first hour and a half went by quickly. Not only because they were attractive but also because Ella was good at carrying a conversation. I would have liked to talk to Theresa more but time ran out and they had to get off. 

I spent the remainder of the train ride from Nagoya to Kyoto  reading  Caves of Steel by Asimov.
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