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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Kyoto, Japan p.2

I did not plan on doing anything in Kyoto today but I got in way earlier than I had expected and there was no way I was going to spent the remainder of the day at the hostel.  There was also not enough battery left in my camcorder for me to get an early start on my plans and capture everything so I just went to Nishiki market.

Nishiki market was a lot of fun and unfortunately, it was only after I had finished doing everything  did I remember that my rented iPhone could take high quality pictures. Nishiki market is one long street that connects with two other shopping streets. The market itself is lined on both sides with mainly smaller food vendors selling all sorts of foodstuff. It was a blast for me just buying whatever looked good for 1-2 dollars and eating it while I strolled along the market. Some things I bought included a plate of sliced tuna, some small tomatoes from local farmers, egg tart, fish stick, squid on a stick, fried chicken, and takoyaki. I did not enjoy the takoyaki much but I loved the tomatoes and tuna.

I also bought a thicker sweater. I spent a good deal of time browsing stores along the shopping street connected to Nishiki market but most of the jackets I saw were for 40-70 dollars and I didn't really want to spend that much money on clothes when I could be spending it on food or local entertainment. Luckily, I found a vintage/retro store (a euphemism for second clothing) and found a really warm sweater for 1000yen, or about 10usd.

Now I am just in the hostel debating whether or not to make some friends and go out or let the night pass by and prepare for tomorrow. I am currently in a room with four guys and one girl.

Tomorrow I plan on going to kurama.
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