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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Shibuya and Shinjiku, Tokyo, Japan p.4

On Sunday, everyone was free. Shoko and Keizo had no major plans so all four of us, Wen, me, Shoko, and Keizo, decided to visit the Shibuya and Shinjiku area together.

Between those two areas is a shrine called Meiji Jingu. I would say this shrine was the highlight of Shibuya/Shinjiku for me. It was absolutely stunning. All that green. I really enjoyed it.

For lunch, Shoko brought us to a noodle shop. My meal was a plate of noodles and a bowl of stock with pork. You mix the amount of plain noodles you want to eat into the broth and eat. It was deeelicious.

After lunch, we met up with another couchsurfer. The day earlier, I posted a message on the Tokyo message board, inviting any travelers to explore Tokyo with me and this girl from South Korea contacted me. Her name was Haylee. I didn't get her last name but if I had to wager a guess I would have guessed it was either Kim or Lee.

Finding Haylee at the Shinjiku station was quite the adventure for many reasons. One, the station is huge and probably the most chaotic of all the stations I've been to in Tokyo. Two, Haylee only had prepaid cards so there was no way for us to keep in touch in real time. Every time we got lost trying to find one another, I would have to wait for her to call me again from a pay phone. All in all, I think it took us an hour or so to find each other, but once we did, it was all smooth sailing from there. Haylee was a good companion to travel with.

We checked out the Tokyo Government building down the street from the Shinjiku station.

From the top of the building, you get a good view of the city.

View from atop the Government building. Floor 42. 43?
After, we went back to Osaki and checked out a museum. I think I was the only one in the group who did not fall in love with the museum. I have never enjoyed museums, they are just not my cup of tea, however, I am sure Wen enjoyed it. She seems to be a big fan of art.

At night, we had a grand dinner courtesy of Keizo and Shoko who made Okonomiyaki for us. Shoko introduced to me this smelly beans that you coat in honey and mustard. It was really sticky and I hated it.

I also met Shoko and Keizo's roommate later on that night. Her name was Ueko. She was pretty cute.

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