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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Osaka, Japan p.2

The next morning I met up with my old friend kimiko for lunch. Kimiko took me to eat sushi, the kind where you just pick plates off the conveyor belt. Each plate was only 120yen and came with two pieces.

Your sashimi Ms. Sol

Afterwards, we walked around America town and chatted; mostly catching up on what we've been doing, what our mutual friends have been doing, and the like.  We then parted ways.

Later that night, I met up with Mao again and she introduced me to her friend Hillary, from canada. We first had dinner at a Mexican place and then we went to a club. We ended up clubbing for 8 hours. We started at 9pm and finished way past 5am. At the first club, we met up with two Mao's friends. They were Japanese. We also made friends with a gay couple, a hawaiian and an Italian.

At the second club, we then met up with six more of Mao's friends. They were all Taiwanese. Mao never seems to tire of dancing. I danced for an hour or so and just sat on the couches. I get tired real fast at clubs. I did get my second wind though at the second club when they started playing Hardwell, but it was only a brief second wind.

After we finished clubbing, everyone said goodbye and I took the train home, slept for four hours, checked out of my hostel, and headed off to Nara.
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