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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Seoul, South Korea p.1

On Tuesday, I flew into Seoul, Korea via Peach airlines. I got in around 2pm, walked around Incheon airport, and then headed towards my hostel.

Later that night I went out for dinner with an Austrailian guy from my hostel. If you travel, meeting Autralians becomes quite common and often, they are in their young 20s. I forgot his name but he's an electrical engineer that works for an investment company while still in school. For dinner, I had this cold noodle soup while my friend had spicy pork plate with rice. My noodles were alright but after awhile, the taste got old. That's not to say that the noodles were bad in quality, it was just not my type.

At night, the weather got really cold. I would say the cold weather was very comparable to Nagano. I think the temperature was around -8C. I have begun debating again whether or not to throw away some layers and buy a thicker jacket. Often, I find myself thinking about my puffy black jacket that I left at home.

After dinner, my 2218 sister Sooyeon surprised me by coming to visit me after work. When I called her earlier, she said my hostel was a bit far and that we could meet another day, but then she changed her mind and came right away to where I was. Upon meeting, all three of us then went to Probst bar down the street and Soo and I got caught up on what we've been doing the past few years. It was great to see Sooyeon after all these years.
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