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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

DMZ, Seoul, South Korea p.2

This morning I woke up at 730am and left for the DMZ zone. The ride by bus was an hour. The subway system here is not as good as Japan but still good nonetheless. Easy to get around.

At the DMZ zone, there are a lot of things you cannot take pictures of, so i do not have a lot of pictures to offer you guys. The most memorable thing I did there was travel down to the tunnel that the North Koreans had dug in an attempt to invade South Korea. The tunnel was impressive. Had the South not captured that North korean soldier who told them about the tunnels, the South Koreans would have been screwed I think. I almost want to even say I feel sorry for the North because of how much work they put in and how close they were haha. To this day, the South still do not know how many tunnels exists. The most recent one they found was in the 90s.

After the DMZ zone, I walked around the city center and visited Gyeongbok Palace. I was extremely underwhelmed by it all, and headed back to the hostel.

Dinner later that night was amazing however. My friend Hyewon took me to a korean bbq place and hands down it was the highlight of my stay in Korea thus far. The meat and kimchi were so incredibly delicious that I never wanted the plates of meat to stop coming. The plates did stop coming however and afterwards we just went to a bar and talked a bit. Hyewon currently works for Hyundai as a designer. I believe she said she designed purses.

I want to clean my clothes but the hostel I am at charges a lot for cleaning, about 10,000 won. But I have no more socks and all my clothes are kind of old. I am in a tough position.
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