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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Seoul, South Korea p.3

These days I've been hanging out a lot with the Australian guy I met when I first came to Korea. His name is Berringer.

On Thursday I went to the Gangnam area to grab lunch with my friend Haley. We did not do much. Most of the time was spent looking for a place to eat. It was still fun to hang out with a friend though. Lunch was chicken soup.

After lunch, I came back to the hostel, chatted a bit with some of the guests and guys working there, and then went out to get dinner with Berringer. We had korean BBQ. It was okay, definitely not as good as my second day with my other friend. The beer was cheap though, you have to love Cass.

Afterwards, we went to some social gathering for entrepreneurs that Bellinger was invited to. I met a Korean guy named Jae from my home town Campbell. He created this site, http://momolocal.com. It's supposed to be another type of Craigslist or something similar. I was not too impressed with the interface.
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