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Monday, January 13, 2014

Tokyo, Japan p.5

It is about 8:00am here in Tokyo.

In about half an hour or so, I will continue on my journey. First I will head north to Nikko. Nikko is supposed to be a temple town. To get to Nikko from Osaki, I will have to take the JR Yamamote line from Osaki station to Asakusa station, and from there hop onto the Tobu line to Nikko. The ride should take about an hour by train.

After Nikko, I will get back on the train and head southwest to Nagano where I will be staying in a hostel. Fortunately, the hostel is right next to the Nagano station so I will not have to walk too much.

If you dont hear from me, it means somewhere between Tokyo --> Nikko --> Nagano, I died.

I hope to find a way to upload some of the pictures I have taken.
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