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Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Hiking in Mae Tang, Chiang Mai, Thailand p.2

On Sunday I went hiking in Mae Taeng. The hike was a two day, one night endeavor into the mountains. Mae Tang is north of Chiang Mai, the city I am currently staying in. The ride from Chiang Mai to the base of the mountain is about an hour and a half. From the base, the jungle hike to the top of the mountain is another 2-3 hours.

The first day we hiked to a small waterfall to cool off.

At the top of the mountain, the view was incredible.

We were given 3-4 hours to explore and chat among ourselves before dinner. My group consisted of 5 dutch and 4 french. The five from Holland were Suzanne, Nathan, Sanne, Mary, and Nathan's girlfriend. The four from France were Jonathan, Camille, and two others that I never formally met.

Dinner was rice, green chicken curry, and stir fry vegetables made by locals.

Following dinner, we sat around the a fire, drank beer, chatted, and stared up into the stars.

The following morning, we began our hike down the mountain. The group split and I went with the french.

First we hiked down to a waterfall. The weather was still a bit chilly when we arrived so nobody swam. The sight was still impressive though.

From the waterfall, we made our way to the elephant park and rode elephants. We had an uneven amount of people so I had to sit on the elephant's neck. The skin was really rough and the hair sharp. When we reached the river, the elephants splashed themselves with water to cool off.

After the elephants, we took a rubber boat and paddled down the river over mild rapids. At some point, two people fell off.

About halfway down the river, we switched to a bamboo raft and finished our journey.

Upon returning to the hostel, I got dinner and went straight to sleep. Hiking in the jungles of Thailand was such an amazing experience and all I paid was 45 dollars.
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