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Saturday, February 08, 2014

Koh Phi Phi, Thailand p.2

On Thursday, I went on a half day tour around the nearby islands. Ko Phi Phi is an assortment of islands rather than one big one so it's very common for people to go on half-day or even whole day tours. You can even charter a private boat and just tell them where to go rather than follow an itinerary.

Although beautiful, most of the islands are riddled with boats and tourists during the day. To get to the main island there is a port, but the other smaller islands only have beach entrances so you need to rent a long-tail boat or other kind of boat to get there.

The half-day tour that I paid for took me to some bays to swim in and then to another bay to snorkel in. Then it dropped us off at a few beaches to play with monkeys and sightsee.

One of the beaches we were taken to was Maya bay, the beach where the movie The Beach with Leonardo Dicaprio was filmed. As expected, that beach was completely packed with tourist. It really took away from the beauty of the place.


The waters and sands of south Thailand are so beautiful. It's such a beautiful place down here.

And the weather, oh the weather is just perfect. Just lie down on the white sands and not fall asleep under the shade of a tree while the clear waters crash around you.
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