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Saturday, February 08, 2014

Koh Phi Phi, Thailand p.4

It should be no surprise that I left Ko Phi Phi dark brown rather than the pale white that I entered.

On Saturday I took the afternoon ferry out of Ko Phi Phi back towards Krabi. While waiting for the boat to leave, I ran into two french girls that I had met previously on the island, Felomina and Margeret. Felomina is short, now tanned by the island, with light brown hair while Margeret is tall, still white (despite the island's best efforts), and has long black hair. On one side of her head, Margeret has shaved a small portion of her hair off. Although strange, this style is not entirely rare, or new, and you can see it every now and then back in the states.

Once the boat started moving, we left our seats and moved up onto deck (as everyone tends to do) and just chatted in the amazing weather. I mainly talked with Felomina the entire journey back while Margeret read her book. Both girls are business majors and both have only a few more weeks before completing their degrees. Currently, they are studying in Vietnam because in France, they require their MBA applicants to experience a foreign country in order to better understand their own country's dynamics.

Upon landing in Krabi, we immediately parted ways because we were both running really short on time. I regret that I did not get their contact information. I regret in general, that I do not make much of an effort to get anyone's contact information that I meet on my travels.

Felomina had beautiful eyes and a nice smile. The last time I saw such beautiful eyes was probably Mimi's friend Celia.
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