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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Taipei Zoo, Taipei, Taiwan

On Tuesday I met up with Charlie and we went to the zoo.

Initially, the plan was to go hiking but for whatever reason, we ended up going to the zoo instead. I think it was a combination of how close the zoo was to the stop we were heading towards and the gondola next to the zoo. Charlie wanted to ride the gondola and so did I.

The zoo is impressively designed and is a great way to spend a day if you enjoy zoos. For me however, I don't like the zoo. I think it's a depressing place and the last time I went must have been 5-10 years ago.

At first, I took a lot of picture and videos, but after seeing some of the animals, I stopped. That's why I don't have a lot of pictures of the animals.

I would recommend going to the Taipei Zoo though if you like zoos.

Afterwards, me and Charlie just bounced from one place to another. One of the places we stopped by at was Dongmen. There we had lunch as well as some street food.


That day I decided to get a haircut. I think I got a haircut not because I needed one, but because me and Charlie had nothing to do. Either way, it was cheap and the cut was alright.

Eventually, we found ourselves at Daan park.

By chance, there was a basketball court there so I decided to play some pickup games. I ended up playing for 2 hours before splitting with Charlie and meeting up with Ah Kuang. Together, we then left to play an additional 3 hours of basketball before calling it quits and he dropped me off at Sylvia's.

I was incredibly grateful that Ah Kuang drove me all the way to Sylvia's because I wasn't sure if the buses were still running and because Sylvia wanted me home early since she was feeling sick and wanted to sleep. I think he went out of his way an hour just to drop me off.
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