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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Taichung to Taipei, Taiwan

On Monday I had absolutely no plans and just hung around the hostel. I tried talking with the girl working there but she just wasn't interested. Fortunately, i started talking with another guy who was eating breakfast and we ended up spending the day together. His name was Charlie and although he is originally from Taiwan, he currently works in New Zealand.

Charlie rented a vespa/taiwan-motorcycle and we rode up the mountain to xingzhu.

There, we went to a popular summer resort called xingzhu summer resort. Albeit small, the place is perfect for pictures. The ride up to the resort was probably the best part of that day trip. The mountain was very nice to look at.

Around 5pm, I left for taipei in preparation for my journey east. Upon getting in at around 7pm, my friend Nicole met me at the station and we went shrimp fishing. To give you an idea of what shrimp fishing entails; it takes place in a shop that was almost entirely a murky pool filled with shrimp and people fish for them with smaller than normal fishing rods and bait.

Surprisingly, shrimp fishing was actually pretty fun.

For dinner, Nicole took me to eat ruo gen fan. I actually meant rice and meat when she asked me what I wanted but there is a dish that is also called ruo gen fan which is a soup. Although not what I was expecting, the soup was delicious nonetheless.

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