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Friday, February 14, 2014

Hiking Yangmingsan, Bei Tou, Taiwan

On Tuesday I took the bus to Yangmingsan. Originally I wanted to do a half day hike but I planned poorly and could not find the trail head. I ended up just walking around the park instead. Although beautiful, the walk around the park was mostly unchallenging.

However it may have been for the best as my legs were killing me from the other night.

Near the entrance of the park is a nice waterfall called Datani Waterfall.

The path there was not bad either.

After walking around a bit, I took the park bus to the very top to bamboo lake. There were no bamboo. Only lillies. And it was cold. So I left quite quickly.

After Yangmingsan, I returned to Beitou and went to a hot spring. Beitou is famous for its natural hot springs.

There were so many places to chose from that I just chose a random hotel. There was also an outdoor hot spring but I forgot to bring my bathing suit and did not want to purchase another one.

Later that afternoon, I met up with Monika at Sun Yat memorial and she introduced me to her friend Patrick. Together we explored Taipei 101 but we did not go to the top.

 After, I met up with Ah Kuang and his gf Verna and we all went to Raoh night market to eat dinner.

Around 930pm, I grabbed my stuff from Ah Kuang's house and moved to Sylvia's. I moved because Sylvia's house was a little more central and made it easier to visit sights and return home reasonably.
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