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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Cost of Traveling To Asia

For those of you interested in how much it cost for me to get around. A Rough outline of how much transportation cost me:

From SFO,USA to LAX, USA to Tokyo, Japan:
Delta Airlines 570.20

From Tokyo, Japan to Nagano, Japan

From Nagano, Japan to Kyoto, Japan

From Kyoto, Japan to Osaka, Japan
I paid with cash so I forgot.

Osaka, Japan to Seoul, Korea
Peach Airlines 70.03

From Seoul, Korea to Busan, Korea
KTX ticket 36.99

From Busan, Korea to Bangkok, Thailand:
Thai Airways 509.49

From Bangkok, Thailand to Chiang Mai
Nokair 144.33

From Chiang Mai, Thailand to Krabi Town, Thailand
Nokair 105.05

From Bangkok, Thailand to Taoyuan, Taiwan
EVA airlines 291.15

From Taoyuan, Taiwan to Taipei, Taiwan
I forgot, cheap though.

From Taipei, Taiwan to Taizhong, Taiwan
I forgot, used cash.

From Taipei, Taiwan to Hualien, Taiwan
I forgot, used cash.

From Taipei, Taiwan to Manila, Philippines to SFO, USA
Manila Air 568.80

Rough total of transportation costs: 2430.11 between and within 4 countries. Perhaps the number is closer to 2600 when you take into account the train rides in Taiwan but it really shouldn't be that much higher.

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