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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Iceland: Potential Next Trip

Someone posted a scenic picture of Iceland and I decided to check on Kayak how much tickets were. Surprisingly, not too much. About the same as a ticket to Korea. Right now, plane tickets only costs 800 to get from San Francisco and the flight is only 12 hours with transfers.

Before, I was considering on making Australia and New Zealand my next trip but Iceland is quite beautiful as well.

Skogafoss Falls in Iceland
And if I do fly over, I should probably visit some other countries as well. I'm thinking something like Iceland --> Norway --> Sweden --> Finland--> Estonia --> Latvia --> Lithuania --> Denmark. So another two month trip essentially.

The question then is, where will I find the time and money. It is times like these that make me really wonder if there is a career out there for me that allows me to travel. But even as I say it, I wonder if I would enjoy traveling the same if it became a job.
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