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Monday, September 14, 2015


In light of the company shutdown at the end of the year, I have decided to take an additional few days off to visit the Philippines. The details of the trip have not been sorted out yet but I imagine a month away from my departure I will figure them out.

The tickets were pretty expensive given the timing (December). As I was looking at the calendar, I quickly noticed that November and October were the cheaper flight dates. December just has too many holidays.

The flight from San Francisco to Manila was 938.42 via ANA Airlines. There is one layover in Japan but it's only two hours, providing me enough time to switch planes if necessary. That 938.42 price tag I was able to deduct about roughly 700.00 dollars from using my Capital One Purchase Eraser credits. The Capital One Purchase Eraser allows you to use any credit you have and apply it towards a ticket bought with the credit card. Alternatives to what you can do with your credits are converting them directly to cash or gifts. I felt using the credits to pay for my tickets was a much better deal.

For instance, 50,000 credits = 500.00 airline credits. Whereas, if you wanted cash, the conversion would have been much lower. So it seems to make sense to use them for tickets if possible.

Flying home, I will have to somehow find my way to Bangkok, Thailand. Bangkok is where my flight will be leaving to take me back home to the states. I am familiar with Thailand so I don't imagine any issues there. The flight back was free for me because I had United Airline credits and they covered what I needed for a basic flight. In total, I converted 40,000 UA credits and paid about 48 bucks for tax.

All in all, I paid about 300.00 for this round trip to the Philippines.

Additionally, I am unsure how my time will break down. Because I am in the area, I would like to visit Singapore and Indonesia as well. However, I was quality time in each country which may be impossible due to how much time I am afforded.

So we shall see.

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