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Monday, December 28, 2015

Mabini, Philippines

In the morning I decide to make an impromptu journey down south with Sue to Mabini and learn how to scuba dive.

To get there, we started by taking a two hour bus from the Makati Bus Station to the town of Patangas, which is almost the furthest south of Manila; then an one hour jeepney into Patangas town center, and then a half hour motorcycle ride to the beach resort, Planet Dive. In all, the journey probably took around 3-4 hours.

Planet Dive is an amazing destination if you wish to get away from all the noise and chaos present in a city. Right next to the ocean, Planet Dive's facilities not only are immaculate but blends naturally into its surroundings. Additionally, the staff here are not only friendly and easy to strike up a conversation.

The bus down to Patangas was 150-200 PHP. The jeepney from Patangas grand central station to Malbini was 35 PHP. From Malbini town center, 200 PHP to planet dive.

The meals that they serve here are amazing not only in portion but quality as well. Definitely a good choice to come here. Beautiful views and I had a great experience learning how to scuba dive.

Sue is an interesting girl. Tiny, but carrying a giant suitcase for gifts, she is more than capable of taking herself and gets around with no trouble despite carrying a bullseye on her back that screams "tourist!"
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