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Monday, December 28, 2015

Manila, Philippines part 2

The place I am staying at feels like a hostel with the amount of people staying here, but that is part of its charm. Most hosts tend to invite only 1-3 people a night with 1 being the average but with Christine and James, it seems 4-6 tends to be the norm.

In the morning I meet the Brazilian couple Beatriz and Wilthom. We chat for a bit, complain about the rain, and decide to travel together for the day.

Before setting out for the city however, I first visit the market down the street.

Absolutely pouring rain in the city, me, the Brazilians, and Sue make our way to the national museum.

The ride there alone on jeepney was interesting enough but when you add the heavy rain and flooded streets, things get adventurous. I still don't have a 100% understanding of how the jeepneys work but I know they run on set routes and you can leave whenever along the routes. Most importantly, they are cheap.

The national museum was alright. The quality is good. However, paintings has never interested me much. I enjoy sculptures more.

After the museum we make our way to Intramuros, the old city. Once again, the weather makes the travel interesting.

Lastly, we visited Rizal Park.

That night James cooks for us and does an amazing job. Adobo flavored meat, chicken curry, vegetables and rice. A solid dinner for sure. After dinner we then drink the night away with his friends. Most of his friends are models who are part Filipino mixed with some other ethnicity. A bunch of good looking dudes who were really easy to hang with. Young. All around their 20s.

I did not make it out to go clubbing later that night.
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