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Hiking Angel's Landing, Zion National Park, Utah

Trail Description

Length:  5 miles round trip
Trailhead Elevation:  4297 ft.
End Elevation: 5785 ft.
Elavation Change: 1488 ft.
Difficulty Assessment: Moderate
Trail Type: Out and Back

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The Hike

To get to Angel's Landing, get on the shuttle from the visitor center and get off the shuttle at Weeping Rock. From there, cross the street and begin your hike. All the trails within the park are clearly labeled and it would be difficult for you to get lost if you're planning on hiking the more popular trails.

The beginning of Angel's Landing consists of steep switchbacks but are accompanied by a great view of the valley. In total, the hike is about 4-5miles round trip.

Soon, you will reach a level, sandy overlook of the valley. Here you can use bathrooms or take a break if the steep beginning tired you out. Once collected, you thus begin your trek up along the ridge towards Angel's Landing. The ridge itself is a bit narrow but the park provides chain links for visitors to grab ahold of as they make their ascent. Is the path completely safe? No. You can still fall off if you are uncareful or stupid. However, if you're fit, not scared of heights, and smart about your progress, you will be okay.

If you make it up, you'll be treated to amazing views of the park below.

For more information on the trail, check out this site:

Hiking The Narrows, Zion National Park, Utah

Trail Description

Length:  Up to 16 miles
Trailhead Elevation:  -- ft.
End Elevation: -- ft.
Elavation Change: -- ft.
Difficulty Assessment: Easy - Moderate
Trail Type: Out and Back

For more information, see:

2) Zion National Park

The Hike

On Thursday, we all awoke at around 630am and got to the park around 830am.

No traffic, very little crowds.

No indication of bad weather.

Before the park, we made a quick stop at Zion Adventure Company, a great little shop with various outdoor gear. It was here that we rented our neoprene socks, shoes, and walking sticks. Although you can hike the river in shoes and use trekking poles, I suggest renting the previously mentioned items for convenience. The socks keep your feet warm, the shoes grip the rocks great, and the sticks are long enough so you don't fall into any surprisingly deep holes while river walking.

Their site is: and the cost for all three items (basic package) is 23.00. Consider it.

After grabbing our rentals, we paid for the parking permit (good for 7 days, 30.00 dollars), parked at the station, and took the shuttles to our stop. Everyone has to park near the entrance. There are a few stops further up the road that you can park at but more or less the bulk of the park can only be accessed by shuttle system. Refer to the map to identify which stop your trailhead begins at. For the Narrows, the stop we were looking for was Temple of Sinawava.

From the station to the Temple of Sinawava stop, it was roughly 30-40 minute, but the time passes quickly as you are left breathless by the sights that encompass you.

From the Temple of Sinawava, it is a 1 mile hike to the river entrance that most people take to begin their Narrows hike.

As you can see, even on a weekday, the Narrows is a popular hike. Plan accordingly. This was probably around 9-930am.

Once in the river, everything was just peachy. Around you are stunning examples of natural shapes while beneath you the river cools your body. When we went, temperatures were 90-100F but the Narrows was shaded during the morning.

Once in, your options are limited. You either can go all the way to the top, which you would need a permit for, you can go halfway, or you can branch off to the east. I have no recommendations which path to take, I am sure they are all amazing.

To return, simply retrace your steps. So keep that in mind when you hike through the canyon. However far you hike in, you need to hike that much back. Hiking back is easier though because by that point, you have an idea of how to cross rivers and avoid deep holes.

After finishing our hike by around 4-5pm. We ate dinner locally and headed home for an early bedtime.

The next day, we were going to hike Angel's Landing.

Zion National Park, Utah, United States

On Wednesday afternoon, we flew out of SFO and landed in LAS where we were immediately picked up by friends from San Diego.

The trip was pleasantly affordable. Southwest had a sale so I was able to buy tickets to LAS for 44.00 and tickets back from LAS to SFO for 100.00.

A snug fit, the drive was pretty straightforward. Simply take the 15 from Vegas to Utah.

The first night we did not drive all the way to Zion, instead, we drove directly to our hotel.

Our hotel was in a small city 30 minutes outside the park by the name of La Verkin.

We stayed at a Best Western Plus. For the price and convenience, I would highly recommend staying in La Verkin rather than shell out 200-500/night in front of the park in Springdale. For a total of four nights and three days, we payed a few dollars shy of 300.00 for 2 queen beds. Split that among five people, it only cost us 54 dollars for lodging.

The goal for each hike was to sleep early and leave early.
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