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Monday, January 11, 2016

Bangkok, Thailand part 1

My flight to Thailand this morning was on Tigerair.

The flight experience was a joke in many ways. We got there in one piece but nobody listened to the air attendants. As the plane was pitched and still ascending into the sky, people started standing and walking around while the attendants meekly looked on. At some point, one of the attendants made an announcement on the speakers but that did nothing.

Then, people started switching seats.

About five people started shifting between three rows, back and forth, back and forth, trying to find the perfect seat, like a game of musical chairs while the plane remained slightly pitched.

Once again, the attendants did nothing.

So, not too impressed with the Tigerair staff on my flight.

I landed in Bangkok and easily found my way to the hostel, Bodega Hostel. Bodega Hostel was the same hostel I stayed in 4 years ago and getting there was almost muscle memory. I unpacked, unwound, and hung out with some Brits that were in the same room as me and that was it for the night.
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