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Monday, January 11, 2016

Bangkok, Thailand part 2

Woke up in the morning with no plans at all. Went downstairs to the bar and started talking to some travelers. One guy, Aaron was attempting a walking tour of Bangkok so I decided to join him. Our two-some ended up growing into a group of eight: two Dutch, four Americans, one Brit, and one German.

Representing the Americans, you had me from California, Aaron from Texas, and brothers Mike and Brad from Minnesota.

From the Netherlands, you had the giant Milan and his friend Nick.

From Germany, Patrick.

And lastly, from the United Kingdom, Zlatko.

It just so happens that this "walking tour," that the hostel provided was exactly the same as the one they gave me years prior. So I ended up being the guide for the entire group.

It worked out well, everyone seemed to get along.

We began our journey via the water canals.

During the ride over, Brad, Aaron, and Mike unfortunately got canal water splashed onto them.

Our first stop was the Golden Mound, or the Wat Saket. The Golden Mound is a perfect beginning to temple hopping in the city because it gives you a general preview of everything first. At the top, you are treated with a beautiful view of the city while at the same time sampling what a Thai temple looks like.

From the Golden Mound, we then walked to Wat Suthat.

Next was the Wat Pho. This is the temple that everyone comes to see. The star of the attraction? But the lying Buddha of course.

After, the group voted to return to the hostel. It's a shame the group didn't see Wat Arun, considering how close it was, but it was a democratic decision.

When we returned, I took the guys to get Thai massage down the street. You can't say no to a one hour massage for three dollars.

Later that night, we went out to get some drinks. It did not turn out so good. A lot of unspoken opinions and a bit of passive aggression forced us into boring bars. In the end, we ended up returning to the hostel to each do our own thing which I felt was for the best. Everyone ended the night happy.
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