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Monday, January 11, 2016

Bangkok, Thailand part 3

In the morning I decided to visit the weekend market. Aaron wanted to visit a market so I took him with me. Zlatko tagged along.

My time in Bangkok has essentially become an exact mirror of my visit to the city four years ago, only this time I'm privy to all its secrets and tricks and getting around has become extremely efficient.

We spent almost the entire day at the market. I had to buy clothes and Aaron had to get gifts. It took us awhile to maneuver through the maze of stores.

On the way home, I discovered that something had bitten me. Not a mosquito.

At around 10pm, I left my hostel for the airport. When I got the airport, I realized my flight was departing at 1150 and and not 1250. Running and running and running, when I finally arrived at the gate, the flight was delayed for an hour.

Ironically, the last time I was flying out of Bangkok I planned poorly as well and had to run through the airport.

At around 130 in the morning, we finally left for Narita airport in Tokyo.

As we are leaving Thailand, I really feel as though 3-4 days is perfect for Bangkok. The city just loses its charm for me after more than a few days.
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