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Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Cebu, Philippines part 2

In the morning, I got some breakfast with Mark and Gigi. We went next door where all the meals were displayed a la buffet and you just pointed to what you wanted.

Went to the hospital today to get my finger x-rayed. The process was quick. Unfortunately there was some confusion and instead of returning back to the doctor after getting my x-ray I went home. Turns out, when the nurses told me that I needed to wait one day for the x-rays they meant I needed to wait one day to have extra copy for myself.

Surprisingly, despite having no insurance whatsoever, the visit, the consultation, and x-ray only cost about 26 bucks. Down below, the x-ray only cost me 13 bucks.

After the hospital me and Gigi went to the mall, walked around for a bit, and watched the new Star Wars movie.
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