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Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Cebu, Philippines part 3

This morning I went back to the hospital to get my x-ray results.

My finger was fractured.

I need to get it looked at by an orthopedic surgeon. Unfortunately, everyone is on break because of Christmas and New Year, so I have to wait one week before I can see a bone specialist. In the meantime, my finger has been fitted with a splint.

This whole ordeal has been such a huge emotion letdown because I feel as though a lot of my traveling plans have gone out the window now that my finger is fractured.

Feeling as though I've spent too many days in Cebu already, I leave to go down south towards Oslob. Gigi gets mad at me for leaving without saying goodbye.

To head down south towards Oslob and the rest of the southern cities, simple go to the bus terminal in Cebu city.

Choose the bus with your destination; usually they will list starting and ending cities as well as cities that they pass through in between.

Next, choose whether you want air conditioned or no AC. I would suggest AC if you are going any time after 9am. It's only a tiny bit more expensive, makes less stops, and seats are comfortable. I would only opt for non air conditioned if the route is unpopular and you know there will be space.

The process for getting on and off these buses is entirely informal. Just yell out when you want to stop and the bus will stop. There are no official bus stops per-se. Getting on is just the same. Just wave your arm when you see a bus and it will stop. The easiest way to navigate where you are going is to be in contact with the guy handing out tickets, let him know where you want to go and remind him every now and then. Alternatively, you can just track your movement on Google Maps, Apple Maps, or even us the offline map app Maps.me. Once you see your cursor near your destination, call out stop and the bus will immediately pull over.

Tickets are administered and paid for on the bus.

I get in around 7pm to Boljoon ( pronounced Bolo-own).

Initially, I planned to stay in the town Olsob which is about an hour further south, but I found a hostel by the name of Noordzee that had high ratings.

It turned out to be a good choice.

Great location.

Great dinner.

Wonderful staff and an abundance of young travelers.

That night, at the pool, I met some Canadians. One of them was a writer and was possibly one of the most pretentious people I've met on my travels. Every now and then you meet those kind of people in the hostels; individuals completely lost in lofty ideals, estranged from the realities of the world. Dreamers to a fault.

Also, the hostel is overrun with puppies. Seriously. There are puppies running all over the property.

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